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The steamboat Dikka?

I recently received an email from a dahabiya-owning couple with a query that I am unable to answer but maybe someone else can: When my father, Ron, enlisted at the start of the 2nd World War and they discovered that he … Continue reading

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Anglo-American Nile Company

As I posted a couple of months back, I’m currently at work on a follow up to Grand Hotels, this time round focusing on the Nile steamer services. The manuscript is progressing well and I’m due to hand it over … Continue reading


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Adrift on the Nile

There’s been a distinct slowing down on the new-post front on this site of late. Well, there’s good reason for that as I am currently immersed in writing the follow-up to Grand Hotels. The new book is all about the … Continue reading

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Kipling’s Egypt

Eighty-four years ago today, The Egyptian Gazette of 14 February 1929 carried a notice of the arrival of well known author Rudyard Kipling (that’s him, above) and Mrs Kipling at Port Said. They’d landed the previous day and proceeded direct … Continue reading

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