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The above item recently sold on ebay. What is it? It is a baggage tag issued to passengers embarking on Anglo-American Nile cruises. It bears the same design as an Anglo-American brochure that was issued in 1928 (here), so I’m guessing it dates from the same year. It’s not very big, probably just a bit bigger than a cigarette packet, but very rare – I’ve never seen one before – which is why somebody just paid $130 for it. Not me, but congratulations to whoever did buy it, it’s a lovely thing.

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  1. If it has a gummed back it is a luggage sticker, otherwise it is a luggage tag. It determines into which berth the luggage should be delivered by the porters, who carry the luggage on board. And of course it made a lovely souvenir for the traveller, who very often didn’t care to ever take it off his or her suitcase again.

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