Schindler’s guides to Cairo and Alex


A couple of posts back I mentioned the Schindler publishing company of Egypt and the guides it produced to Cairo and Alexandria, covers above. These were put out in 1942/43 to take advantage of the tens of thousands of Allied soldiers that had flooded the city since the outbreak of World War II. So they are light on history and sightseeing and mostly concentrate on restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping and useful information like postal rates and train times. They are filled with ads for many of these businesses. In the case of Cairo, except for Groppi’s and the Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop, the advertised businesses are all long gone. Not so with Alexandria – among the ads in that guide are many for bars and restaurants that still just about hang on today, including the Cap d’Or, Badrot, Santa Lucia and a few others. For all the lamenting that goes on for lost Alexandria, the city manages to cling on to its past far more securely than Cairo.












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  1. Robert Harbord

    Dear Grand Hotel,
    Thank you very much for this latest post of yours. MOST interesting! I have been trying to find out the address and details for an English Tailors called ‘John Jones’ who were operating in Cairo during the war. They are reputed to have been ‘burned out’ of business during the infamous rioting which took place in Cairo over 2 days in 1952. I would be very grateful, please, if you were able to see if they are mentioned in your interesting ‘Schinderler’s List’.
    Despite extensive enquiries as to what happened to them, I have not been be to find out ANYTHING about them AT ALL! There was a firm of tailors in London called John Jones. However their successors have been unable to shed any light on any possible wartime service in Egypt. Perhaps your resource may be able to shed some light on the.
    Thank you very much in anticipation.
    My Best Regards

    Robert Harbord

    • AndrewH

      Hello Robert
      I have just had a look through the Schindler guide to Cairo and I can find no mention of any tailors called John Jones. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  2. JB

    Dear Robert and Andrew,

    I also have been looking for info on tailors John Jones of Cairo. They are quoted to be commissioned to make the first special air service beret badges Who Dares Wins in Cairo for L-Detachment Special Air Service, the unit raised by David Stirling. Corporal Tait had designed the badge. They also produced the SAS operational parachutist wing designed by Jock Lewis. JB

  3. Amro

    “including the Cap d’Or, Badrot, Santa Lucia and a few others.”

    Cap D’or is the only one hanging around , correct me if i am wrong.

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