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As I posted a couple of months back, I’m currently at work on a follow up to Grand Hotels, this time round focusing on the Nile steamer services. The manuscript is progressing well and I’m due to hand it over to my publishers, the AUC Press, in mid July. One of the major operators of Nile boats was an outfit called the Anglo-American Nile Company, founded in 1896 and in existence until at least the late 1920s. Unfortunately, information on them is very hard to come by. If there’s anybody out there who has any leads, I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Zeina Hosni

    I am so looking forward to a follow up of Grand Hotels of Egypt, the book inspired me to go in search of these hotels and see what I would find. I will be sure to mention your wonderful book in my writings.

    I am sure information on the steamers is very difficult to come across, best of luck!


  2. Neil Cottey

    I have for sale a fold out Valley of the Nile tourist map issued by the Anglo American Nile & Tourist Company – undated but probably from the 1930’s? Printed by Amirayan & Co, Cairo. Please contact me if you would be interested in acquiring the item.
    NC (28/04/2017)

  3. Eman Hesham

    I found in 2 maps of Luxor in 2 Baedeker guidebooks the location of their embankments (maps of the guidebooks of years 1914 and 1929). This location is not existing in other maps of the same guidebook series.
    The following link is the online guidebook of 1914 (the map is in page 250). Unfortunately couldn’t find the guidebook of the year 1929 online.
    I know this comment is 3 years after your request! but, nevertheless!
    Love your books!

  4. Kathryn

    As with the other people who have commented above, I am coming to this too late. However, I have recently purchased a WWI photo album that belonged to an Australian nurse who served at the No. 1 Stationary Hospital in Ismailia and the No. 3 Australian General Hospital in Abbassia. Among the hundred or so photos in the album are three good shots of the Anglo American Nile Company hospital houseboat Indiana on the Suez Canal.
    If you are interested in seeing these images, please let me know.

  5. guilcher goulven

    I have of course the two previous volumes and most publications by Cook from the late 18880s..
    I started collectig guidebooks and brochures around 1960 . My collection is one of the largest in Europe. Unfortunately most important collectors have now disappeared. American Universities have been among the most successful bidders.
    Concerning Cook in Egypt I have many yearly brochures from 1880 in English, French and German
    Plus Baedekers, Murrays Bradshaws and French Guidebooks
    For tha Anglo-American Nile company I notice that the name Hamburg Amerika Line was dropped after the First World War although it was still in the capital.. I have 1913-14, 1921-22, 1930-31, 1935-36 and 1938-39. They are conspicuous for their elegance. I have several Luggage labels but the previous volumes are extremely weel documented on this subject. Also to be noticed, the postcards issued by the company. They provide very little info on the steamers illustrated, not even its name.
    Can I be of any help?
    I live in Paris
    My address
    Goulven Guilcher
    21 rue F Jamin
    Escalier 5
    92340 Bourg la Reine
    Perhaps you have a contact in France who could be an intermediary
    Also monthly gazettes from Vienna, London, New-York, Paris, Madrid and Bombay featuring full page steamers on the Nile

  6. guilcher goulven

    I have a very large collection of guidebooks from the 15th century onwards.
    On Egyot I have Baedekers, Murrays, Cook’s handboks and other publications (including the Gazettes published in Bombay, Paris, London (only a few), Madrid, Vienna with views of the steamers hotels and monuments in Egypt). Plus many annual brochures for Egypt, the Nile in English, French and German
    I also have Annual brochures for the Anglo-American Nile Company, associated with the Hamburg Amerika Line, something not too much advertised after WW One: 1913-14, 1921-22, 1930-31, 1935, 1938-39.

    One of my students at the Sorbonne was responsible for a 6OO page thesis on Cook in Egyprt

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