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I have a copy of On the Nile. Just the one, mind. It’s an advance copy, couriered to me direct from the printing house in China. The bulk of the books are now making their way slowly by sea to Egypt from where they will distributed internationally. I’m not sure when they make land at Suez, but I think it’s probably early April, which means it should be in the bookshops later that month. Meanwhile, you can place advance orders on Amazon.











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  1. Berrie

    The book photos are helpful in augmenting Amazon’s “Look inside!” where the only travel posters shown are very small.

    Question: just when did Agatha Christie sail up the Nile to Aswan & Wadi Halfa? On the Nile (p 144) says that it was in 1933 with Max Mallowan and Rosalind (who would have been just 14 at the time). However according to Charles Osborne, in The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie (published in 1982 and 1999), Max Mallowan “and Agatha spent November and December of 1934 in the Middle East …” and “spent the [1934/35] winter in Egypt.” (pp 109) There is no mention of her daughter Rosalind being with them.

    • AndrewH

      My information on the dates comes from the Christie Archive, which has an album of photographs of Christie in Egypt that they have dated as either 1931 or 1933. How they arrived at those dates, I don’t know. However, the date 1933 accords with that given in Max Mallowan’s autobiography.

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