Grand Hotels in paperback


It’s been out for a while now but I only recently got to see it for myself – the paperback edition of Grand Hotels of Egypt.


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  1. Judith V COOKE

    I am the gg granddaughter of Henry Gaze, Tourist Agent, who set up his travel office opposite Shepheard’s Hotel during the latter part of the nineteenth century. Thank you for your comprehensive coverage of this era, which I have found most helpful in attempting to piece together a narrative of his contribution to the history of tourism in Egypt.

    • AndrewH

      Dear Judith
      Although he was a major figure in the tourist industry of the time I did struggle to discover too much about the activities of Henry Gaze. If you have more information on him and his business I’d love to hear from you.

      • Judith COOKE

        Following from my previous communication, I have found eight virtually identical advertisements in The Times newspaper between November 1900 and February 1901 indicating that my elusive great great grandfather’s company organised tours up the Nile using the steamers of your elusive Anglo-American company. I have copies of three of them. I imagine their association was of relatively short duration.

  2. Judith V COOKE

    Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for getting in touch. Any information acquired has been difficult and there are still gaps in my knowledge. Primary sources particularly are extremely scarce. I envy Thomas Cook his archive!
    It is only relatively recently that I came across this URL, which has gone a long way towards making Henry seem like a real person to me:
    I hope you find it of interest.

  3. Judith – are there any images of Henry Gaze in existence? – I am writing a book on Thomas Bennett of Norway – his London Agent was Henry Gaze and Sons.
    You might find this link of interest – regards Philip

  4. Ziad Morsy

    I was revisiting “on the Nile” yeasterday and was intrigued by Henry Gaze, so I did a little “research work” and came up with the attached.
    Henry Gaze & Son had Three Offices in Egypt in 1895, one in Alexandria and one in Cairo (across the street from the shepheard’s hotel) and third one in Port Said.

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