Oh, what a lovely war

More delving through online photographic archives, this time over at the Australian War Memorial site. The riches to be found there are amazing and I’ll be posting a bunch of finds from the archives in the coming weeks. First though, a handful of random images that I’m posting for no better reason than they are lovely photographs. They are all from 1942 and show Australian nurses and soldiers off duty and relaxing in Cairo.




Rollerskating was hugely popular at this time and Cairo had several purpose-built rinks.





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  1. Richard Twomey

    The bow and side supporting steelwork looks suspiciously like that of the paddle steamer SS Karim.

  2. Andrew these are wonderful.
    I am Australian living in Egypt and have also been trawling through war photos. This started from wanting to know more about a booklet of postcards sent in 1914 from Cairo by a young soldier to his family in Australia, combined with knowing that my grandfather had traveled to WWI via Egypt . With assistance from researchers in Australia, I have been able to trace the story of the writer of those Cairo postcards.
    You may like to read the results and see images https://siwasoul.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/mystery-of-the-australian-soldier-in-cairo-1914/

    PS thanks for your blog, which gives me great enjoyment especially as I am living in Egypt and even before moving here collected old postcards of favorite Egyptian places.

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